This is the soul of the west coast
Fiskebäckskil is a picturesque little community on the island Skaftölandet near
Gullmarsfjorden shore, facing Lysekil. It was originally a fishing village, and developed during the 19th century into a prosperous shipping community.

Surrounded as it is by windblown granite cliffs and the bracing sea, during the 20th century Fiskebäckskil grew into a centre for leisure activities and bathing. The town has retained its well-preserved wooden architecture in a charming mixture of styles.


The inhabitants showed great hospitality, and rented out rooms as the number of summer guests increased. This tradition has been carried on today in a more modern form by Gullmarsstrand Hotell & Konferens.

In the borderland between contemplation and creativity
Between the sea and granite heights, in Fiskebäckskil, where peace meets Mother Nature’s unfettered forces, is where you find Gullmarsstrand Hotell & Konferens. A meeting place with a difference - which invites you to the changing moods between peaceful contemplation and lively creativity.

Our purpose in life is to offer an ambience that gives you renewed strength and creativity. We believe that beauty is a source of inspiration. That is why we regularly improve our facilities – their design, our culture, our activities and, not least, we have one of the best chefs on Sweden's long west coast. All in all, Gullmarsstrand Hotell & Konferens provides a unique framework around your event.


Meet the soul of the western coast, just over an hour's drive from Gothenburg. Gullmarsstrand will provide something different from what your employees meet in their daily life.


Basic facts
20 single rooms
61 double rooms
142 beds
9 conference suites (3-170 delegates)
8 group work suites (6-16 delegates)
Restaurant with three dining rooms and bar


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Gullmarsstrand Hotell & Konferens
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